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This weekend’s Champions League Final is set to be incredibly exciting, with two attacking-minded teams trying to outscore the other – could it be the highest scoring Champions League final ever? Okay, maybe not, that was 7-3, Real Madrid vs Eintracht Frankfurt back in 1960 when it was still the European Cup.

With Ronaldo and Salah playing, goals are as good as a certainty. But who will the MVP be? Isco? Firmino? No way, it’s you.

Don’t worry about booking a flight to Kiev, thanks to Xperia Lounge you can take centre stage this weekend and you don’t even need to warm up.

To celebrate Sony Mobile’s sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League, the team at Xperia Lounge and Shadow Avatars have created an exclusive 3D scene where your 3D Creator avatar is the star.

To get involved, just log in to Xperia Lounge and follow the straight forward steps, you’ll find the UEFA Champions League scene under ‘Hollywood’.

Try not to let the fame go to your head.