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Festival season is in full swing, and there’s one question on everyone’s lips: how do I make sure my phone still has battery by the end?

Whether you’re looking to take a video of the headline act on Sunday night, locate your friends among the sea of fellow music lovers, or find out how to get home when it’s all over, it’s always a relief to know you’ve got plenty of charge left. A growing sense of ‘battery panic’ as your charge ebbs away over the course of the day can distract from the experience.

Luckily, XperiaTM smartphones come equipped with built-in features that help you conserve your charge and capture those special moments.

The XZ2 with 4K HDR recording
With its 4K HDR recording, the XZ2 is the perfect way to capture your festival memories

Adaptive charging optimizes the charge current in real-time based on your phone’s battery condition, while Soft charging optimises the charge voltage to keep the battery healthier for longer.

Across a two or three-day festival, however, you may need some additional tips and tricks to conserve your battery for as long as possible. Here are some of our top festival hacks:

1) Disable location-sharing services
You’re unlikely to want to use a maps app or hail a cab online if you’re on a campsite, so this is a sure-fire way to help you save battery.

2) Limit your connectivity
Turn off Bluetooth® and turn on airplane mode at times when you know you and your friends are all grouped together and won’t be needing to access the internet. Perhaps turn on airplane mode when you record your favourite artists’ perform, then turn it back off when you want to post the footage and images to social media.

3) Activate STAMINA mode
Depending on your device and Android version, you’ll have either STAMINA mode or Battery Saver. This reduces battery consumption and increases standby time. STAMINA mode disables background activities and limits your Home screen to your most important apps.

4) Update your apps before you go
New updates come with fixes and features that help keep your apps ticking along… and consuming less battery.

5) Turn off wifi
If you’re on 4G, don’t send your phone roaming for the nearest wifi connection.

6) Choose your apps wisely
You probably won’t need a takeaway app while you’re at the festival, and you might want to avoid your health and exercise apps while you’re racking up lots of steps walking between stages. Switch off data usage for the apps you won’t need.

7) Check which apps are costing you battery charge
Go into your settings, tap Battery and then Advanced to see a list of which apps are draining your battery the most. Limit your usage of these apps and your battery life will improve.

Festival revellers

8) Lower your screen brightness
In bright sunlight, you might need your screen brightness turned all the way up, but when you’re in your tent it’s a good idea to switch it as low as you can while still being able to read comfortably.

9) Don’t be always-on
It’s tempting to keep up with the news, read your emails, check your social media and watch the latest videos from your favourite YouTube channels… but then are you really at the festival? Switch off your notifications to save battery, checking your apps when you want to rather than when you’re prompted.

Have you ever managed to make your phone last a whole festival? And what are your top tips for prolonging battery life? Let us know in the comments below.