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When it comes to taking incredible pictures on your smartphone, there’s no better device than the Xperia XZ2 Premium. Thanks to its Motion EyeTM Dual Camera, it’s possible to capture professional-quality imagery on a device that fits cosily inside your pocket.

The Xperia XZ2 Premium
The Xperia XZ2 Premium’s Dual Camera allows you to take great quality images on a smartphone

Everyone knows the XZ2 Premium takes incredible low light photography, but a new firmware update takes it to the next level, with Monochrome and Bokeh modes that utilise the smartphone’s Dual Camera capabilities.

To find out how to activate these new modes, it’s worth paying a visit to the how-to guide on the Sony website. Once you’re all set up, here’s how to take full advantage of a Dual Camera that’s packed to the brim with Sony’s latest technologies.

The first new mode is Bokeh. If you don’t know what ‘bokeh’ is, it’s the Japanese word used to describe the out of focus parts of an image, and its closest English translation is ‘blur’.

Geese in a park

Putting it simply, it’s a blurry background with the main image in focus.

When shooting in Bokeh mode, the Xperia XZ2 Premium uses the dual cameras to calculate the distance of the object that you are focusing on. It then cleverly blurs the parts of the images that are closer or further away to replicate the shallow focus that can be achieved with a larger camera and lens.

The Bokeh mode is great for when you want to focus on a particular subject in the image. By blurring the background the eye is drawn to the subject, making it more prominent in the scene. Bokeh is great for capturing portraits or nature imagery when you want to focus on something in the centre.

A bicycle on a road

Here are our top tips for shooting in Bokeh mode:

1) The Bokeh effect mimics a larger camera, so use it to add a more ‘professional’ look to your images.

2) Use the Bokeh mode to blur the background slightly and draw more attention to your subject. It works particularly well for portraits.

3) There is an adjustment slider available that can adjust the strength of the effect so that you can get the right amount of blur for your image.

A girl poses in a park

The next mode to play around with is Monochrome, which is essentially black and white photography image capture. By combining the information captured from both cameras, the Xperia XZ2 Premium is able to create detailed monochrome images with a range of subtle grey tones.

Flowers captured in Monocdrome

The Monochrome mode is perfect for capturing classic subjects from landscapes and city streets to artistic still life images and portraits.

Here are our top tips for capturing photography in Monochrome on your XZ2 Premium:

1) Without any colour, you can use Monochrome images to show patterns, texture and contrast.

2) Monochrome is perfect for creating abstract graphical images with shapes and lines. This works particularly well for architectural images, so look for interesting shapes in buildings.

3) Play with the contrast and exposure. Don’t be scared of increasing the contrast so that you get bright whites and deep whites.

A street lamp between buildings

Why not get creative with your photography and try these techniques out today? Head to Twitter to share your own Bokeh and Monochrome pictures using the #Xperia hashtag!