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After making its debut at IFA with a whole host of pioneering features, it’s no wonder the Xperia XZ3 has created a real buzz at the international tech trade show currently underway in Berlin.

There’s been plenty of media chat about the first ever Xperia with BRAVIA’s® OLED TV display technologies, that’s being called “pin-sharp, rich and vibrant” by Forbes and even more about the best in class 13MP front camera that Trusted Reviews highlights is “choc-a-block with beautifying modes”.

XZ3 colours

Check out some of the standout soundbites below:

Android Authority:“Easily the most interesting phone announced at IFA”

Forbes“Sony has made a bigger leap forward with this phone than any previous model, I’d argue” 

GSM Arena“Sony made sure the panel it picked looks gorgeous, featuring an 18:9, “Extended display” aspect ratio, QHD+ resolution”

TechRadar“Sony’s new display tech looks to be a major step forward for the brand’s phones. Being able to rival the top-end devices from Samsung and Google with a brand new OLED screen is impressive”


The SunThis phone has bleeding edge specs that are hard to beat. It’s got an incredible screen, a top-end processor, and oodles of storage.”

Digital TrendsThis is one of the best displays we’ve ever seen in a smartphone, flanked by powerful speakers for a memorable movie-watching or gaming experience.

Daily Star“The device also includes some clever edges that allow you to launch apps and control the device via simple strokes and taps on the side.”

Side sense in action

Android Police“Sony continues to do a bang-up job of keeping up with the latest Android versions, whether by releasing devices with new software or updating existing ones, and we wish more manufacturers would learn from it”

Tech Advisor“Xperia XZ3 might turn out to be the connoisseur’s smartphone choice in 2018 with an all-round excellent design and spec sheet”

T3Pleasingly the Sony Xperia XZ3 has had a total redesign, with a tall new 18:9 form factor, Samsung-style curved display, and lush new 3mm aluminium frame.”

Deconstructed XZ3

Stuff:  “The move to OLED does feel like a bit of a game-changer for Sony’s Xperia flagship. I’m not quite ready to proclaim it a screen champion, but the improvements are immediately noticeable”

Android Central: “The color selections Sony made are absolutely fantastic.”

CNBC“With the Xperia XZ3, Sony has focused on the areas where it has typically been strong – camera and screen quality”