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Apps are at the heart of almost every interaction we have with our smartphone, so when it came to designing the stunning new Xperia XZ3, we thought it made sense for the new Xperia smartphone to learn what we like to use and when.

Alongside its striking OLED display, sleek borderless design and premium audio experience, the Sony team has been hard at work under the hood to make XZ3 our most intelligent smartphone yet.

Powered by the supercharged Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 platform, we’ve added the new Side sense and Smart launch features, and we think you’re going to love them.

Innovative interaction with Side sense

Side sense is a new user-friendly UI that uses AI to provide easy and convenient access to your favourite apps in an intuitive new way.

By double tapping anywhere on either side of your device, it will predict your next move based on learnings from frequency, time and location habits, displaying the apps you want to use next within easy reach.

Designed with the XZ3’s 6-inch, borderless screen in mind, Side sense offers effortless, one-handed operation, removing the need to scroll up or down.

Side sense

This sounds awesome, what can I use it for?

The beauty of Side sense is in its personalisation. The inbuilt AI constantly evolves to learn about you and your preferences, making sure you get the most tailored experience possible.

You can double tap, when in camera mode, to take a photo, meaning you’re always ready to capture that special moment, or swipe to go back when browsing or streaming content, rather than fiddling with icons.

Intelligent usability with Smart launch

To allow you to make the most of the XZ3’s 19MP Motion Eye camera we’ve incorporated Smart launch, which instantly prepares your camera when you hold your phone in landscape mode.

With no need to unlock, swipe or tap, your camera is ready to go when you are.

XZ3 in landscape photography mode

Smart launch gives you the best opportunity to enjoy the host of premium features the Motion Eye camera has to offer, including: Superior Auto, Predictive Capture, Predictive Autofocus and Smile Shutter, all helping to make sure your snaps are top-quality.

The improved camera UI also offers more intuitive usage. Simply swipe from photo mode into video to take advantage of the XZ3’s exclusive 4K HDR Movie recording capabilities.

Want to see Smart launch in action? Watch it here: