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Fans of Sony’s Xperia Ear Duo, rejoice! The unique wireless headset just became even smarter, thanks to a new software upgrade available for all Android and iOS users.

Xperia Ear Duo already lets you hear your music and the environment around you simultaneously, whilst the volume automatically adjusts depending on your surroundings. To make your listening experience even better, the latest update sees the introduction of a new function, Dynamic Normalizer, meaning that you can increase the volume of their audio sources, which have a naturally lower volume, enabling you to enjoy music or radio even in noisy environments.

Android Ear Duo settings screen

In addition, key improvements made to Ear Duo’s Adaptive Volume Control (AVC) mean that there is a decrease in wind interference so even if the platform is bustling during rush hour, or if you’re speeding along on your cycle in to work, you can still enjoy your playlist and hear the world around you.

Lady at a train station using her Xperia Ear DuoAndroid users can now also find out who is calling them through the Xperia Ear Duo Caller Name Read-out function which lets you know who’s calling you even without checking your smartphone, and check the time using just the touchpad – no screens involved! iOS users can also get notified of who’s calling them by changing their iPhone settings.Xperia Ear Duo Touchpad setingsWhile Android users have been enjoying the feature for a while, now iOS users are also in for a treat as the new update allows you to get voice notifications from your phone and apps, meaning you’ll never miss an important message or reminder again.Voice notifications iOS setting screenIt’s easy to enjoy the exciting new capabilities of Xperia Ear Duo. First, ensure Xperia Ear Duo is connected to Bluetooth® and you have internet connectivity. You should receive a notification about the update once you open the Xperia Ear Duo app. Once the update is complete, you’ll be able to read Sony’s helpful information on the brilliant new features in the Xperia Ear Duo app.