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These days, when it comes to streaming box sets on your smartphone, there’s so much choice that even picking what to watch can be a time-consuming pastime!

Luckily for you, we’ve picked out our five favourite box sets to watch on your XperiaTM XZ3. From wildlife spectaculars featuring beautiful landscapes to engaging comedies and dramas, we’ve selected the series for you to make the most of your new device.

Thanks to its stunning OLED screen and powerful S-Force Front Surround speakers, Sony’s Xperia XZ3 offers the ultimate immersive experience when it comes to streaming content.

The XZ3 features X-Reality™ for mobile, up-converting content close to High Dynamic Range (HDR) so you can experience shows the way they were created to be seen. With its extraordinary colours and crystal-clear display, you can experience both the latest releases and classic box sets in the palm of your hand, without compromising on quality.

Here are our top five TV series to stream on Netflix, Amazon or Google Play direct to your Xperia smartphone.

Stranger Things
Starring Golden Globe-winning actress Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, the thrilling Stranger Things takes place in a small town in Indiana in 1983. When Joyce’s son, Will, goes missing, both Joyce and Will’s friends begin a desperate search that unearths some spooky, supernatural happenings and sees the gang befriend a mysterious little girl along the way. It’s the perfect show for those who enjoy stunning sci-fi visuals and a truly great soundtrack.

Orange is the New Black
After being sent to a minimum-security prison, Piper Chapman is forced to adjust to life behind bars, making friends (and enemies) with the various eccentric and quirky characters she meets along the way. Now in its sixth series, Orange is the New Black is the perfect show to enjoy during the daily commute, or binge on at home!

There’s no better ringside view of GLOW in all of its eye-popping colour than on the XZ3. Alison Brie stars as Ruth Wilder, a struggling actress in the 80s who finds herself thrown into the sparkling world of women’s wrestling. Wilder, along with 12 other Hollywood misfits, will leave you feeling empowered and laughing at their antics at the same time. Expect spandex, glitter and a whole lot of girl power.

Game of Thrones
It may be seven seasons in, but Game of Thrones continues to stun with its unexpected plot twists and breathtaking locations. Follow the various houses of Westeros as they battle for the ultimate statement of power: to sit atop the Iron Throne and control the Seven Kingdoms. Top tip: don’t get attached to a specific character – you never know what this epic fantasy has in store for them…

Blue Planet II
Dive deep into the big blue to discover the brightly-coloured fish of the tropical seas and the fascinating organisms lurking in the deeper depths of one of the earth’s greatest mysteries – our oceans. With Xperia XZ3’s sharp OLED display and dynamic front-facing speakers, you’ll be immersed in the breathtaking seas and oceans of planet Earth. We’re biased, but even David Attenborough’s legendary voiceovers seem to sound better on the XZ3 too!

Did you agree with our choices? Let us know in the comments below. And if you’re more of a movie buff than a box set binger, check out our selection of the best movies to stream on your Xperia device.