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Xperia fans familiar with Dynamic Vibration System (DVS) will be well aware of its ability to add an incredible physical dimension to videos, games and music. For those of you new to DVS, let’s start with the inspiration behind this buzzworthy bit of tech.

DVS was designed with immersion in mind. By analysing audio data in real time and vibrating in sync, it enables users to connect with their mobile content like never before. You may recognise this concept from Sony’s PlayStation® DUALSHOCK® controller system.  The same user experience is integrated into Xperia devices to work not only with games, but also video and music content, enhancing every kind of entertainment.

Where does it work best and how can you make the most of it on your device?

It feels natural to start with gaming.

Similar to PlayStation 4’s DUALSHOCK rumble function, DVS adds familiar tactile feedback to all compatible games out there. Because Sony’s engineers have designed the algorithm to react to sound in real time it works like any Xperia game, including some of the most popular mobile classics – allowing you to enjoy the 4D sensation whether you’re defending your fort in Clash Royale* or battling for pole position in Angry Birds GO**!

Screenshot of Angry Birds GO


The Xperia XZ3’s  6-inch QHD+ HDR OLED display already makes use of Sony’s X-reality™ technology to up-convert content to near High Dynamic Range, making it an immersive experience by itself. By adding DVS in to the mix, you not only get to enjoy all your favourite movies and content in the highest possible quality, but physically feel the action as it unfolds on the screen.

Thrill seeker? How about topping up on your thrills with some horror or sci-fi content. For something less spooky, try watching a YouTube video of supercars revving their engines, transferring the raw power to your hands!

The best part? DVS will work with most videos, whether this is a streamed YouTube clip or a full-length Netflix film.


We already know that the XZ3’s DSEE HX™ technology upscales compressed music to near Hi-Res Audio quality, ensuring you hear songs exactly as the artist intended. DVS now allows you to feel it too.

Use DVS with EDM, dance and techno music on any platform you like, be it Spotify or YouTube – it will work magically well to get you moving! Alternatively, close your eyes and experiment a bit, feel the hip-hop bass kick you into action in the gym, or let the gentle strum of an acoustic guitar send you off to sleep.

Whatever the situation, DVS will allow you to get that bit closer to the beat.

Hands holding the XZ3

Fine tune your experience

Whether you are using an Xperia XZ3, XZ2 Premium or XZ2, you can customise DVS to your liking.

Simply load up a compatible app and press either of the volume buttons. An extra slider bar will appear beside the volume one. Slide up or down to adjust the strength of the Dynamic Vibration from Mild to Normal to Powerful. Play with this setting in each app to find the right combo for you.

Music streaming on Xperia

Where is your favourite place to use DVS? Let us know in the comments below!

*CLASH ROYALE™© Supercell Oy 2012 – 2018.  All rights reserved