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From colourful puzzles to AR-led titles and popular platformers, the mobile games market is booming. But with thousands of titles across a range of genres, how do you pick the ones to download and play through first?

Thanks to its stunning OLED screen and powerful S-Force Front Surround speakers, combined with the built-in Dynamic Vibration System, Sony’s Xperia XZ3 offers the ultimate immersive experience for both video game buffs and casual gamers. With its extraordinary colours and crystal-clear display, you can experience both the latest releases and classic titles in the palm of your hand.

Screenshots from top Android Games
Starlit Adventures, Pokemon GO and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

To help save you time, we’ve picked some of our favourite Android games to play on your Xperia XZ3 so all you need to do is hit up the Google Play Store, download your chosen title and get stuck in.

Starlit Adventures
Join Bo and Kikki to become the greatest Starkeeper in the Upper World! In this free-to-play action/adventure platformer, you’ll explore eight visually stunning levels. Find and return all the stars stolen from the sky by Nuru and hidden across the lower lands. From collecting sparkling treasures to battling enemies, Starlit Adventures guarantees an epic quest with some of the most adorable characters in the galaxy!
Download Starlit Adventures here.

Pokémon GO
A wild Pikachu just appeared at your local bus stop! Become a Pokémon trainer in the real world with Pokémon GO, and find, catch, trade and battle your favourite pocket monsters in real locations using clever AR technology and your powerful XZ3 camera. This is a great title for those who revel in collecting things or for those who like to keep active. Your Xperia XZ3 handset will vibrate when a Pokémon appears as you stroll around on the hunt to complete your Pokédex. Throw a Poké Ball and fingers crossed you’re able to catch it… but remember to stay alert or that rare Mew you spotted just might escape!
Download Pokémon GO here.

Into the Dead 2
Hordes of zombies are running towards you! It’s the apocalypse! How far will you go to survive?! Following the huge success (70+ million downloads!) of the hit zombie survival game, Into the Dead, developer PikPok has released an action-packed sequel with seven nail-biting chapters to play through. You’ll pick up weapons along the way to annihilate the flesh-eating monsters and save your family in this evolving story with multiple endings.
Download Into the Dead 2 here

Life is Strange
An award-winning and critically acclaimed five-part episodic adventure, Life is Strange takes players through a gripping choice and consequence story. Play as Max Caulfield – a photography student who learns she has the ability to rewind time and save her best friend Chloe Price – while investigating the disappearance of fellow student, Rachel Amber. Fancy getting to know the storyline a little better? Why not try playing as Chloe in the prequel, Life Is Strange: Before The Storm?
Download Life Is Strange here.

Animal Crossing™: Pocket Camp
Fan of the Animal Crossing franchise? Now you can enjoy all of the adorable animal fun on your XZ3! Take on the role of Campsite Manager in this cute social simulation game where you can spend time with your favourite furry friends. Exchange items with animals to earn Bells and crafting materials to boost your campsite and customise it exactly as you would like it to look.
Download Animal Crossing™: Pocket Camp here.

Clash of Clans
Cannons at the ready… Join a team of Mustachioed Barbarians, archers and wizards as you battle to defend your territory and gold from the Goblin King and his minions! Great for solo players and those wanting to battle with friends online, Clash of Clans allows you to build your base camp from the ground up. Plan fire-wielding spells and battle strategies to cause damage to your enemies in epic Clan Wars!
Download Clash of Clans here.

Alto’s Odyssey
Sweep through the sand dunes, race through the ruins of broken cities and outrace troublesome lemurs. You’ll play as Alto as you embark on an endless sandboarding journey across a rich landscape. With some of the most stunning graphics out there, you’re guaranteed an immersive experience in this magical land with the XZ3’s crystal-clear display. But don’t be fooled by the simple one-tap mechanic – Alto’s Odyssey can be a tough game to master.
Download Alto’s Odyssey here.

Have you played any games you think should have made the list? Let us know in the comments below.