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Whether you’re a long-time Xperia smartphone owner or you unwrapped a shiny new XZ3 or XZ2 Premium this Christmas, you’ll know that these devices allow you to take incredible imagery.

The XZ3’s Motion EyeTM camera means you’re able to capture high quality photos that will make you the envy of your Instagram followers, while we’ve already had plenty of fun using the XZ2 Premium’s amazing Bokeh and Monochrome modes.

If you follow @sonyxperia on Instagram or Sony Mobile on Facebook, you may already know about our monthly challenge, which could see your images featured on Xperia’s Instagram Story and Facebook – followed by millions across the world!

We’ve selected some of last year’s best entries here to give you some inspiration.

From this year, however, there are some slight changes which mean you’ll be able to make your entries even more visually astounding.

In the first week of every month, we’ll announce our challenge. This January, the theme is Lifestyle, which means we want to see pictures themed around your hobbies, travel and adventures! It could be an amazing food photography image, or a gorgeous landscape shot while you’re on a wintry walk.

To enter, all you need to do is to tag your images with #Xperia and we’ll monitor for the amazing imagery you produce. The one rule is: your shot must be taken on an Xperia smartphone.

In the second week of each month, keep an eye out on our social channels for hints and tips on how to make the most of your Xperia camera, while the week after we’ll show what our experts have produced when they’ve used the tips provided.

If you’re prone to a last-minute entry – and who isn’t? – then these tips could be super helpful in allowing you to get the best possible image.

Then, in the final week of each month, we’ll round-up the best imagery to showcase to millions of Xperia followers around the world!

And (in our humble opinion…) the most exciting news of all: in 2019, your images could be featured on this very blog. We’ll be announcing each monthly theme, as well as showcasing the fantastic images you produced in the last month.

Keep checking our blog for tips on how to get the most from your Xperia smartphone camera, and keep an eye on the revamped Xperia Lounge for tips from Sony’s camera engineers and product experts.

Have you taken any incredible pictures that deserve to be featured on our blog, Facebook and Instagram? Get uploading and tagging now!

*Lead image captured using Xperia by @aridaadeedz___