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Every aspect of the Xperia XZ3 was designed to fit perfectly with the lifestyles of people today, whether it’s the intuitive software, the crystal-clear OLED display, or the durable Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 that helps protect its curved, borderless design from drops, bumps and scratches

But when it comes to designing a new smartphone, the team at Sony don’t simply look at trends and behaviour, we also draw from the world around us.

The four colours of the XZ3 (Black, White Silver, Forest Green and Bordeaux Red) took their inspiration from the changing seasons, and the beautiful, colourful reflections that occur when objects catch the light.


The team carefully chose hues that capture the subtle contrast between colours at rest and colours animated by changes in the landscape and the movement of light, resulting in four striking and very different handsets.

The first two tones, Black and White Silver, were designed to appeal to those wanting a powerful handset that blends seamlessly into everyday life.

The arresting jet Black ties in with the polished screen and frame to create a truly dynamic device. Its design story derives from the light of a crescent moon glowing in a black sky away from the bustle of urban lights. The result is an extremely glossy, pure and deep black that possesses an almost liquid-like effect as light moves across its sleek body.

For the White Silver handset, the team once again turned their heads towards the sky for the creation of a bold hue that conjures images of clouds in the morning sky. The stunning effect was achieved by layering multiple sheets of reflective glass above one another.

While there are subtleties at play in the Black and White Silver handsets, the next two colours are eye-catching, dazzling shades for those who want their smartphone to stand out from the crowd.

The XZ3 in Forest Green is bold and unique. It embodies the diffused green of the forest reflected in the water as it catches the light. If you move the phone around to catch different light trails, you might be reminded of lush vegetation, or the feeling of being surrounded by trees as the sun filters through the cluster of leaves above.

The Bordeaux Red handset, meanwhile, drew its colour design from the idea of water droplets dripping from ripe fruit after the rain has stopped. Inspired by some of nature’s most compelling shades, the Bordeaux Red XZ3 might at one moment conjure the pink tones of a fallen rose petal, or the deep purples of a juicy grape. Angle your smartphone to the side to see bright flashes of light running down the stunning body.

Let us know which colour is your favourite in the comments below, and if you’re interested in finding out more about the XZ3’s stunning design then take a look at our interview with its makers here.