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They say a picture is worth a thousand words so we have worked with Mobile Photography Award winner, Dominika Koszowska, to bring the traditions and culture of Venice to life through imagery.

Working with Sony’s all-new Xperia 1, Dominika’s ‘Humans of Venice’ photo series captures the Italian city’s local trades, architecture and the people who make Venice the popular travel destination that it is.

With an impressive triple camera, Xperia 1 is the result of a collaboration between Sony mobile and Sony’s Alpha technologies, bringing features such as Eye AF to a smartphone for the first time[i]. Detailed against each picture is the feature or settings used for you to replicate these images yourself.


A morning dip: A local resident is pictured making a splash off Lido de Venezia, following a morning walk down the long sandy beach.

The striking composition draws you directly to the movement of the water and showcases the cinematic capturing capabilities of shooting 21:9 imagery on Xperia 1. This particular type of photography is aided by the Xperia 1 camera’s burst mode, which allows you to take 10-fps. The Xperia 1 delivers continuous shooting with optimal exposure, so you’ll be sure to never miss a shot.

A trip to the bakers: Tenella and Debora are best friends who have worked together in a popular central Venetian bakery for over 12 years.

When capturing subjects as energetic as Tenella and Debora, it can be difficult to capture friends laughing and chatting whilst ensuring a focused image. Using Xperia 1’s Eye AF technology you can track the subject to ensure your image is precise and in-focus whilst still capturing a true representation of your surroundings.

A visit to the pasta makers: It is no surprise that on every street you go down in Venice you are sure to find fresh pasta hanging from local shops. At the heart of Italian cooking, this father and son duo run their pasta shop together, helping feed both the locals and the tourists of Venice.

This photo was taken in the Xperia 1’s standard mode but you can take your portrait photography to the next level by using the Eye AF with the ‘Bokeh’ effect. You can create a soft portrait image which softens the background and establishes focus on the subject.

Visiting the Greengrocers: Established in 1966, this local Greengrocers, Fare La Spesa, has seen all sorts of people come and go. Translated directly to, Do the Shopping, this friendly grocer shared his knowledge of all things fruit and vegetables, which he sells to local restaurants and families.

The Xperia 1’s impressive image quality picks out colours and details like never before, bringing images to life through the phone’s 4K OLED display.

A Gondolier on the go: As one of the oldest and most iconic trades in the city, it wouldn’t make sense to not capture one of these.  Most Gondoliers have descended from fathers and grandfathers who themselves were a Gondolier, inspired by the people they have met and the stories they have told. To be able to direct and control a Gondolier down the narrow twists and turns of the Venetian canals, Gondoliers must master the art of the Voga all Veneta, the Venetian way of rowing.

We captured a Gondolier on the go, showing the beautiful traditional details of the boat and the iconic uniform. The Xperia 1’s triple camera offers exceptional creative control due to three camera lenses with three different fields of view. With the 16mm super wide lens, 26mm lens and 52mm lens you can guarantee to capture everything in exceptional focus and clarity.

The Xperia 1 is designed to capture stunning portraits with precision, focus and vibrancy that photographers strive for. Why don’t you capture some holiday portraits and share them with us on Twitter?

[i]  Xperia 1’s camera features Eye AF (autofocus) capable of identifying and keeping a human eye in focus. Verified by Strategy Analytics’ SpecTRAXService against the published camera specifications for over 14,000 smartphones. Correct as of the 24th February 2019