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Pressing “Record” on a video while you’re on holiday is easy – anyone with a smartphone or camera can do it. If you want to produce something more professional, you can wind up spending hours on video editing software only to end up with content which doesn’t feel as slick as it should.

Fortunately for owners of Sony’s latest flagship smartphone, Xperia 1, shooting their own holiday movie to a professional standard has never been easier! It’s the world’s first smartphone with a 4K HDR OLED display1, bringing true-to-life colour and crystal-clear content in 21:9 – the same aspect ratio as your favourite box office film. But it doesn’t stop there. The Xperia 1 is full of incredible features and video recording capabilities to ensure your holiday film keeps people watching until the very end.

Thanks to it’s professional-grade technologies, the Xperia 1 is proving to be a fan-favourite amongst cinema-buffs who fancy themselves as a bit of a film director – even if it is only while you’re exploring a new city! Inspired by the digital motion picture camera professionals at CineAlta, the Xperia 1 really brings your entertainment to life through two key features. In fact, the technologies that inspired these features are so widely acknowledged in the motion pictures industry that similar software is being used in the cameras which are currently producing James Cameron’s Avatar sequels.

Firstly, Creator mode “powered by CineAlta” brings content to life exactly how the creator envisioned. The smartphone’s 10 bit tonal gradation helps to deliver a myriad of colours with deeper blacks, more natural colour tones and a wide spectrum of colours with BT.20202 colour space and D65 White Point – perfect for capturing brightly coloured buildings against a summer backdrop.

What’s more, the Xperia 1’s colour reproduction, inspired by Master Monitor, means that the scenery you choose to film is reproduced on-screen with exceptional contrast and clarity. Your friends and family will feel like they were there too!

The other feature that will make your holiday videos truly pop is Cinema Pro “powered by CineAlta”. The capabilities of Cinema Pro will allow you to shoot footage of exotic wildlife or historical buildings with similar parameters and settings as the professionals.  The pre-installed app comes with a series of different “Look” colour settings which allows you to change the mood of the film. Next time you touch down in a new country, try capturing identical shots in the ‘Strong’ and ‘Warm’ settings – the former creates a cool, calm and almost eerie mood, while the latter offers softness, warmth and an element of romance. Visiting a forgotten fairground? Try changing the “Look” setting to make it feel eerie. Heading to the beach? “Look” will make your content stand-out with a warmer, happier mood.

When we took Xperia 1 to Venice, we put on our directorial hats and got creative with our shots. You can check out the end result of our trip through the winding canals of this historical city below:


We shot this exclusively using Cinema Pro and Venice CS “Look” setting on Xperia 1 creating a cinematic feel. Unlike other smartphones, using this function means we didn’t have to make as many amends to the camera’s settings as “Look” does it all for you! The default frame rate is the cinematic standard of 24fps which creates a much more filmic look compared to the smartphone standard of 30fps. Pair this with the flagship’s ability to shoot in 4K HDR at 21:9 aspect ratio makes the whole process as easy as pie!

If you want to find out exactly which settings and features can help you create you own professional-standard holiday movie, keep checking back here on the Sony Mobile blog.

1Xperia 1 – Worlds First 4K HDR OLED display on a smartphone
Xperia 1 features a 6.5 inch Ultra Wide 4K (1644 x 3840px) OLED High Dynamic Range (HDR) display. The 21:9 CinemaWide screen allows you to experience a cinematic aspect ratio and colour accuracy to bring you a picture that’s true to the creator’s vision. Verified by Strategy Analytics’ SpecTRAX Service against the published display specifications for over 14,000 smartphones. Correct as of 24th February 2019.
2Xperia 1 does not cover the BT.2020 colour space in full.