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It’s no secret that we’ve launched a brand-new smartphone at IFA – Xperia 5! Sony’s latest flagship smartphone is sleek and compact, and it doesn’t hold back when it comes to fantastic features, such as it’s 21:9 CinemaWide™6.1-inch Full HD+ OLEDdisplay and impressive triple camera.

Keep an eye out for our Everything You Need To Know about Xperia 5 post right here on our blog, with information on its improved game enhancer feature and full range of colours.

But if you want to see what Xperia 5 looks like right out of the box, let journalist and tech expert Chris Barraclough let show you this incredible new device.

Commenting on the design, he says: “You get the same stylish stretch design as you do from Sony’s Xperia 1, but now in an even more sleek and compact form factor, so it’s super comfortable to clutch and to use.

“You get that gorgeous 21:9 CinemaWide™ display as well. Nice and punchy, it’s an HDR+ OLED so you get some gorgeous, beautiful, vibrant visuals. Perfect for your movies and also a bit of split-screen multi-tasking as well.”

But Chris isn’t just impressed with the flagship’s body, adding that the triple camera on the rear is “super, super flexible and packed with Sony’s Alpha smarts as well, so it’s great for your everyday shooting.

“You get a 16mm wide-angle lens, a versatile 26mm lens and also a telephoto 52mm lens. Xperia 5 boasts the same brilliant Eye Autofocus feature found in Xperia 1.”

He comments that Xperia 5 delivers “a breath-taking entertainment experience the way it was meant to be enjoyed.”

Make sure you check out the video to find out more about the incredible feature found in Xperia 5.