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Health and safety


The consumer has a right to know that we do everything we can to bring safe products to the market. As a leading manufacturer of mobile phones, we are committed to high safety standards in the design of all our products.

All our phone models are carefully designed and rigorously tested to comply with international safety standards and health regulations. These standards employ wide safety margins to give the greatest protection to consumers. Extensive research over the years has not established any conclusive evidence linking adverse health effects with the use of mobile phones meeting those standards and regulations.

SAR and nickel

The radio wave exposure guidelines employ a unit of measurement known as SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). Read more about how we inform the public about SAR levels in our products.

All Sony Xperia™ products are designed and tested to meet relevant requirements on the environment, health and safety. These requirements include that nickel should not be used in surfaces that can come in direct contact with the skin. Read more about nickel.