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Support Nepal


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XPERIA™ Theme supporting the restoration of Nepal

The XPERIA™ “Support Nepal” Theme features Brian Sokol’s photographs of Nepal, taken before the earthquakes in the Spring of 2015. The theme celebrates the beauty of this Himalayan nation, while sharing one of the many ways to support the restoration of Nepal and its people.

Support Nepal

In June 2015, the United Nations confirmed that 8.1 million people are still in need of humanitarian support while another 1.9 million require food assistance in Nepal. Learning about this situation, Sony Mobile came up with the idea of creating a free theme. Through the theme we can communicate with our customers and encourage them to support Nepal in its restoration period.


Since the spring of 2015, photographer Brian Sokol, Sony’s Global Imaging Ambassador, has been covering the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, where he has lived and worked for nearly 20 years. The quakes destroyed not only human lives, but Nepal’s tourist economy and precious UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Click here to learn more.

How to Support

For this special theme, Sony Mobile has teamed up with Oxfam Sweden. Nepal is one of the world’s poorest countries and has little infrastructure and few resources to deal with these kinds of disasters. Oxfam, which has been working with local partners in Nepal for over 20 years, is successfully distributing clean water, Oxfam shelter and food to those in need through local mountain guides and by hiring local porters. Oxfam is working actively in the region, focusing on helping people to rebuild their lives. They are currently distributing rice seeds to farmers before the monsoon season starts. If small scale farmers cannot plant before the monsoon they risk missing the next harvest, potentially leaving them dependent on aid. Oxfam is committed to responding to the Nepal disaster for the next three years. To support Oxfam Sweden, please click here.


While creating this theme, we at Sony Mobile came across several Nepali grassroot organizations making a great difference in people’s lives. Immediately following the disaster, Nepali people came together, using local knowledge and resources to provide aid to some of the most remote and hard-hit areas. The Yellow House Vollunteers, led by Nyantara Gurung Kakashpati out of her family’s bed-and-breakfast, have been working tirelessly to provide food, medical and educational supplies to affected communities. Another is the Kirtipur Earthquake Relief Fund Program coordinated by Gyanu Raja Maharjan, a researcher at Tribhuvan University in Kirtipur. Both of these groups move quickly and flexibly, working with – or in place of – large scale organizations and government agencies. To know more about their efforts, please follow the links above.

  • To download the XPERIA™ Theme “Support Nepal”, please click here.
  • To support Oxfam Sweden, please click here.