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    Raw materials


    Supply chain

    Raw materials

    Sony Mobile shares concerns surrounding mineral extraction activities which give negative impacts on local people, communities, and the environment. We are fully aware that our stakeholders increasingly display concerns regarding the sourcing of raw materials across the whole supply chain.

    In most of the cases, Sony Mobile does not directly purchase raw materials such as tin, tantalum, tungsten, or gold, but we purchase components that may contain these metals. While we are aware that we can enforce our policies and requirements with our suppliers where there is a direct relationship and agreement structure in place, with the Sony Supplier Code of Conduct, we require our suppliers to use minerals from secured supply chains, produced in a way where ethical and environmental considerations are respected.

    As well as consumer electronics and mobile, raw materials such as such as tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold are used in products across many industry sectors. Through our experience setting up the program for the Conflict Minerals as part of the industry, we believe that improved end to end governance and transparency of the whole supply chain requires common initiatives from international organizations, governing authorities and industries.

    To this end, for responsible sourcing of the raw materials, Sony and Sony Mobile support initiatives of industrial organizations such as the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA). Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) by suggesting any common issues across the industry to the industrial organizations, we could effectively build wider understanding and schemes as well as highlighting to other industries which could influence more on the core issue because of the higher amount they consume. As a member of the telecommunication industry, Sony Mobile participates in the GeSI Supply Chain working group to set standards and establish better controls for raw materials procurement.

    To learn more, please visit Responsible Sourcing in the Sony Global website.