Industry Innovators

Industry Innovators: Meet Tara Reed, the woman changing the way we think about developing software

You’ve had a brilliant idea for an app, you’re really excited to get it off the ground, one catch, you’ve never coded in your life and the one time you thought you’d give it a go – it felt like a glitch in the Matrix. Don’t worry, help is at hand – Tara Reed is the founder of Apps Without Code. Tara has a formidable tech background (Google, FourSquare, Microsoft) and has developed her own apps but never learnt to code herself, as we discovered that hasn’t held her back. Tell us about Apps Without Code. Apps Without Code is ... Read more

Industry Innovators: Finding Home, the app putting you in the shoes of a refugee

Smartphones – the must-have accessory that most people across the world are unable to live without: a way to keep up to date with friends, family and world news. Smartphones have also become an integral lifeline for refugees across the world and a way to keep in touch with their loved ones. Introducing Finding Home, the powerful app showing you just how important smartphones are by taking over your phone and transforming it into the phone of 16-year-old Rohingya teenager, Kathijah.  Launched in April by the U.N. Refugee Agency, Finding Home opens users eyes to the world of Kathijah as ... Read more

Industry Innovators: Curve, The Time-Travelling Credit Card

The rise and rise of Fintech means that smartphones, not wallets or purses, are increasingly the place where we manage our money. Last year we met Atom, the app-based bank. Now, it seems credit cards are next in line for an overhaul. To get the lowdown we spoke to Shachar Bialick, Founder and CEO of Curve. Tell us about Curve Curve is here to help you get smarter with money. Curve lets you spend from all your bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards and reward cards through one smart Curve card, connected to an even smarter mobile app. Download the ... Read more

Industry Innovators: Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy Premier League boasts over 4.4 million users across the globe, challenging football fans to put their knowledge and skills to the test and choose a team worthy of beating friends and fans worldwide. We chatted to the Premier League’s Head of Digital, Martin Axford, to get the lowdown on selecting the perfect team and find out a little more about one of the world’s best loved Fantasy Football game. Martin Axford – Head of Digital at Premier League What is Fantasy Premier League and how do you play? Fantasy Premier League is the official Fantasy Football game of the ... Read more

Crushh: the “anti-dating app” that analyses your messages to reveal how your contacts feel about you

Finding love isn’t as straightforward as it used to be and with the rise of dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, the suspense and romance is starting to dwindle. This is where Crushh comes in… The “anti-dating” app destined to put the spark back into your relationships and uncover hidden romances you never knew you had. We chatted to Founder Es Lee to find out just what this means for the world of dating.   Great to meet you, first things first… what is Crushh? Crushh is an app that analyses your text messages and uses algorithms to interpret how ... Read more

Hooked, the app redefining storytelling for the Snapchat generation

Generation Z… Snapchat using, Instagram sharing and Twitter posting teenagers who spend hours sharing, following and chatting to their favourite influencers and friends. For them, social media is king and a recent report into Snapchat revealed it’s worth $25 billion and has well over 150 million daily users. But what does this mean for the printed word? Prerna Gupta, CEO and co-founder of social reading app Hooked saw a gap in this market and developed an app with co-founder Parag Chordia to make reading “addictive” for teens. We chatted to Prerna to get the low-down on Hooked and find out ... Read more

Inside Innovators: The man bringing affordable healthcare to the world, one smartphone at a time

The babylon digital healthcare app provides 24/7 medical advice and fast, easy access to doctor appointments wherever you are in the world. The app uses a blend of artificial intelligence as well as video and text consultations with real doctors. Launched in 2014, the service now covers over 800,000 people globally, with local services operating across Europe and Africa. Last year, babylon launched in Rwanda providing Rwandan users with health information, prescriptions and consultations via their mobile devices. In the first 6 months, over 10% of the Rwandan adult population had registered with babylon. babylon’s purpose is to democratise healthcare ... Read more

Inside Innovators: We meet FNATIC, a leading eSports organisation

From selling out arenas normally reserved for the Rolling Stones, to amassing nearly 226 million users worldwide, it’s safe to say we’re in the midst of a gaming revolution; eSports is slowly taking over the world one smartphone at a time. But what are eSports, and why is a market that generated over $325m last year still lacking the mainstream attention it deserves? In an effort to lift the lid on this world we met Benoit Pagotto, director of leading eSports organisation FNATIC, to find out how it all started and why mobile gaming is the next big thing for ... Read more

Inside Innovators: Hyper Island, ‘The Digital Harvard’

Nestled into a former military prison deep in southeast Sweden sits innovative digital institute, Hyper Island. Founded by three friends in a Stockholm bar, Hyper Island is a digital school designed to help likeminded individuals stay ahead of the technological curve, evolving constantly and driven to teach students how to keep one tech-focused foot ahead of other. We spoke to Managing Director David McCall to discuss what Hyper Island actually is, how people can get involved and what their current students think about this really interesting concept. David, could you tell us what Hyper Island is? We’re a creative business ... Read more

Inside Innovators: Atom Bank – the mobile banking app

Welcome to the second in our series of deep-dives into the minds of the people and businesses that are harnessing tech to make all our lives easier. This time, we’re taking a look at Atom, a new kind of mobile-only bank that has taken an industry dominated by dinosaurs and turned it on its head. Founded last year, its app turns a smartphone into a portable bank, making it easier than ever to access your money and avoid irritating hold music. Atom’s office immediately seems different from other banks. A far cry from the shiny glass walls of The City, ... Read more