Meet the makers

Meet the Makers: the team behind Xperia’s Motion Eye Camera

Some of the best moments happen within a split second. If you blink, you could miss something magic. Whether it’s a playful puppy shaking the water off its back or an incredible street artist performing acrobatics in a city square, it’s always reassuring to know that your smartphone has the capabilities to capture those fleeting moments. Sony has been synonymous with astounding camera technology since 1988, with products perfect for everyone from professional photographers or casual snappers to the camera novice. In the Xperia smartphone range, this tradition continues. Our latest flagship, Xperia XZ3, was designed with an intelligent 19 ... Read more

Meet the Makers of the new Remote Controller gestures on Sony’s Xperia Touch

Everyone who’s been using the new Remote Controller gestures on XperiaTM Touch will know that they make watching movies and videos super interactive, fun and easy. For those who need reminding: the Xperia Touch uses Sony’s innovative SXRD projection display technology to turn any flat surface into a touchscreen. If you watch movies, boxsets and videos on your phone but want to see them on a bigger screen, you’ll absolutely love it. The new gestures, recently added to the device, mean you can now use your hand as a remote control. By showing the flat of your hand to the ... Read more

Meet the Makers: the team behind Xperia XZ3’s design

When it comes to choosing a new smartphone, we know that it isn’t just specs that people look for. Alongside its impressive camera and cutting-edge audio and visual technologies, the XZ3 also looks incredible. With its OLED display and beautifully curved 3D glass design, it’s a wonder to behold…and hold! Its sleek, elegant, borderless design means it reflects ambient colours, while thanks to its 3mm aluminium frame and Corning Gorilla® Glass® 5 it’s a hardy device that sacrifices neither beauty nor brawn. To find out how the XZ3 got to look so good, we chatted with its team of designers. ... Read more

Meet the makers of the Wireless Charging Dock WCH20

Waiting for your phone to charge isn’t the most thrilling way to spend your time, but luckily XperiaTM owners have a handy – and incredibly beautiful – solution at their fingertips. The Wireless Charging Dock WCH20 is compatible with both the Xperia XZ2 and the Xperia XZ2 Premium, and with an output of up to 9W is able to charge seriously fast. What’s more, its two-way charging means you can watch your favourite videos the way you want. Watching a movie in 4K HDR? The WCH20 can lay horizontally and continue its heat-controlled charging as you enjoy your film. Scrolling through ... Read more

Meet The Makers: The team behind Xperia’s best in class battery performance

Getting home at the end of an evening and realising you’ve still got plenty of battery remaining is a great feeling, but it’s one that XperiaTM owners are well-accustomed to. This sort of battery conserving tech doesn’t happen by chance. Capacity is one thing, but it’s innovative power-saving adaptations that make your Xperia as efficient as it can possibly be, as well as giving Xperia devices some of the best smartphone battery lives on the market. We wanted to know more, so we caught up with Xperia battery engineers to get the full lowdown. Xperia Hardware engineer Daisuke Haruki and ... Read more

Meet The Makers: The team behind Xperia XA2 Ultra’s Dual Selfie Camera

Summer’s here, and that means showing off to anyone stuck inside with sun, sea and selfies.  We’re all guilty of snapping a few shots of ourselves on the beach or with our back turned to a gig to show we were really there – and the good news is, with your Xperia XA2 Ultra’s Dual Selfie Camera – you’re going to look your best. But why is that? It’s groundbreaking Sony innovation, that’s why. We wanted to understand more about the Dual Selfie Camera so we went straight to the source, namely, Kensuke Mashita, a 15 year Sony veteran and ... Read more

Meet The Makers: The team behind an entertainment revolution

Can you feel that? That rumbling? That’s the feeling of your entertainment evolving. We’ve talked about DVS before, it’s Entertainment to the Extreme, bringing the tech that’s become prevalent across gaming to music and video – adding a new dimension to how we enjoy content. We decided we’d speak to some of the team on the front line to give us some more detail, namely: Tokyo-based Uchida Tatsuya and Amano Ryoko, respectively the Device Team Group Leader and Experience Planner behind DVS – together they’ve been working at Sony for almost thirty years. So, Amano-san, firstly, what exactly is DVS? ... Read more

Meet The Makers: The man who gets millions of Xperia owners out of bed everyday

No one likes being woken up in the morning, so if you are going to be torn from the sweet embrace of sleep, it needs to be by something that doesn’t make you want to throw your smartphone out of the window. Did you ever stop to think that it’s actually someone’s job to compose the alarm music that wakes you up? Well, it is and the experts at Xperia have been working on making the process of getting up that little more bearable. To learn more, we dropped in on Jun-ichi Nagahara who has worked for Sony in Tokyo ... Read more

Meet The Makers: Lars Novak, the man behind 3D Creator

Picked up an XZ1 or XZ1 Compact? Upgraded XZ Premium to Oreo? Chances are you’ve spent time playing with 3D Creator, the ultra-innovative new feature which lets you scan and create 3D objects. This sort of tech used to cost thousands and take hours. Now it’s accessed via an app in an Xperia smartphone and executed in seconds. To find out how it all works, we headed to Sweden and caught up with Lars Novak, who managed the development of 3D Creator.   What is 3D Creator? It’s a completely new way to get creative using your smartphone. You can ... Read more

Meet The Makers: The Colour, Material and Finish Team

In our Meet The Makers series, we’ve met a whole host of the Sony Mobile tech team who work on what’s going on inside our devices. Now, we thought it was about time we focused our attention on the wonderful creative team in charge of making the outside each handset look oh so good. This week, we chat to Art Director and colour guru, Kaoru Murai to find out the exact process that goes into deciding the perfect hue for you.   Tell us a little about your role at Sony Mobile? I am in charge of the overall direction ... Read more