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Xperia 5 joins Sony’s flagship series, bringing creative entertainment experiences in a sleek and compact design

Berlin, IFA, 5th September 2019 – Sony continues its smartphone evolution with the introduction of Xperia 5, the latest addition to the flagship series, bringing key technologies from Xperia 1 into a compact, stylish and sleek smartphone design. “With Xperia 5 we’ve brought what our customers loved from Xperia 1 into a smaller design with the latest award-winning technology from Sony,” said Mitsuya Kishida, President, Sony Mobile Communications. “Xperia 5 continues to bring uncompromised performance and leading experiences to a smartphone, only possible with Sony.” Advanced technology in a sleek and compact design Xperia 5 brings the best of Xperia ... Read more

Sony’s new flagship Xperia 1 smartphone available to pre-order in Europe from today

Xperia 1, Sony’s latest flagship smartphone, packs a professional display and cinematography technologies into a beautiful, sleek smartphone powerhouse. With features such as the world’s first 4K OLED display in a smartphone[i] with 21:9 CinemaWide™ display (6.5”) and the world’s first Eye AF in a smartphone[ii] with a triple lens camera and up to 10 fps burst shooting with AF/AE tracking for precision focus and exposure. Sony’s Xperia 1 is available to pre-order from today across Europe from Xperia store online, retail outlets and local operators. Xperia 1 delivers a cinema aspect ratio and accurate colour reproduction, for a viewing ... Read more

Sony redefines its smartphone vision with the new flagship Xperia 1 for creative entertainment experiences with unprecedented professional-grade technologies

Barcelona, 25th February 2019 – Sony Mobile Communications (“Sony Mobile”) redefines its smartphone vision with the latest flagship Xperia 1 bringing  Sony’s proven professional display and cinematography technologies packed into a beautiful, sleek smartphone powerhouse. “We have established a new vision for our Xperia™ brand to bring our customers experiences beyond imagination,” said Mitsuya Kishida, President, Sony Mobile Communications. “We are continuing to push the boundaries in pursuit of innovation and our new Xperia delivers genuine technologies with a multitude of professional-grade features for creative entertainment experiences that are only possible with Sony.” Experience an unrivalled 21:9 CinemaWide 4K HDR ... Read more

Sony’s new Xperia 10 and 10 Plus brings 21:9 Wide display to the super mid-range line

MWC, Barcelona, 25th February 2019, Sony today announced Xperia 10 and Xperia 10 Plus – bringing the 21:9 ratio experience to the super mid-range. “Our super mid-range line introduces our premium Sony innovations in our most accessible way possible.” said Mitsuya Kishida, President at Sony Mobile Communications. “Our new 21:9 Wide display offers edge-to-edge entertainment in a sleek and slender hand-fit design.” 21:9 Wide Full HD+ display for entertainment and productivity Xperia 10 and 10 Plus feature a sleek borderless design with 21:9 Wide Full HD+ display, ideal for both entertainment and productivity. Sony’s intuitive 21:9 multi-window UI together with ... Read more

Sony’s New Xperia L3 features a 13MP and 2MP dual camera with a stunning 5.7” HD+ 18:9 display

MWC, Barcelona, 25th February 2019, Sony today announced Xperia L3 – adding a new entry model to its portfolio of entertainment-focused smartphones. “Xperia L3 further improves on giving our customers what they want with all day entertainment. L3’s 18:9 display coupled with a long-lasting battery that will easily see you through the day means our users can do more of what they love.” said Tatsuya Tsuzuki, Product Planner at Sony Mobile. See more content with L3’s 5.7” HD+ 18:9 display Xperia L3 features a sleek 18:9 display ratio for a large display that looks and feels great in your hand. ... Read more

Sony’s new Xperia XZ3 flagship smartphone brings you a seamless design for an immersive viewing experience

Sony Mobile Communications (“Sony Mobile”) continues its evolution in Xperia™ engineering and design with the announcement of its latest flagship, the Xperia XZ3, powered by the best of Sony’s expertise across TV, audio, imaging and gaming, in a sleek modern design. “Our new XZ3 flagship smartphone is not just beautiful to look at, but it’s packed with Sony’s cutting-edge audio and visual technologies, letting you enjoy high quality content just as the creators intended, for a truly immersive entertainment experience in the palm of your hand.” said Hideyuki Furumi, Executive Deputy President, Head of Sales Marketing, Sony Mobile Communications. The ... Read more

New Xperia XA2 Plus features a gorgeous 18:9 display and Sony’s Hi-Res Audio technology

London, 11th July 2018, Sony Mobile Communications (“Sony Mobile”) today announced Xperia XA2 Plus – further expanding its portfolio of entertainment-focused super mid-range smartphones. “Our super mid-range line inherits everything we love about the Sony innovations at the premium end of our portfolio” said Hideyuki Furumi, Executive Deputy President at Sony Mobile Communications. “Xperia XA2 Plus further improves on that with a reimagined 18:9 display, Sony’s Hi-Res Audio and powerful camera technology, to offer a unique content consumption and creation device for consumers at this section of the market.” Enjoy your favourite entertainment with a 6” Full HD+ 18:9 display ... Read more

Taking smartphone cameras to the extreme: Sony’s New Xperia XZ2 Premium with ultra-high sensitivity dual camera, 4K HDR movie recording and display

London, 16thApril 2018 – Sony Mobile continues to excel in its innovation prowess with the new Xperia XZ2 Premium which has one of the most remarkable cameras ever made in a smartphone. It boasts the world’s highest ISO 12800 sensitivity for video recording in a smartphone, as well as ultra-high sensitivity 51200 for photos[i], enabling ultra low light capture previously only seen in interchangeable lens cameras and with a bright live view-finder. It’s all thanks to the new dual sensor system in the Motion Eye Dual camera and AUBE™ fusion image signal processor to capture more than the human eye can ... Read more

Captivating your senses with immersive entertainment, the new flagship Xperia range takes smartphone entertainment to the extreme in a revamped design

MWC, 26th February 2018 – Marking a unique evolution in Xperia’s engineering and design, Sony Mobile Communications (“Sony Mobile”) today announced two new smartphones to headline its flagship range, Xperia XZ2 and Xperia XZ2 Compact. Built around the concept of bringing you the most immersive entertainment experiences yet – both models provide huge advancements in camera, display and audio technology as well as a beautiful new design to fit perfectly in your hand. “If entertainment is your priority, then our new Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact are your smartphones”, said Hideyuki Furumi, Executive Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, Sony ... Read more

Xperia Ear Duo launches from Spring 2018 to reimagine the wireless headset

Barcelona, Mobile World Congress, 26th February 2018, Sony Mobile Communications (“Sony Mobile”) today announced that Xperia Ear Duo is rolling out from Spring 2018. “Xperia Ear Duo represents what we’ve learned from audio and acoustics research” said Hiroshi Ito, Deputy Head of Smart Product Business Group at Sony Mobile Communications. “Ear Duo is the first wireless headset to deliver a breakthrough Dual Listening experience – the ability to hear music and notifications simultaneously with sounds from the world around you.” Acclaimed concept to commercial product: Xperia Ear Duo is built to reimagine the wireless headset Xperia Ear Duo features Dual ... Read more