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Community Guidelines

Sony Mobile newsroom community guidelines

We want Sony Mobile Social Newsroom be a place where you’re free to talk about our products and services in any way you want. However we have to balance that with creating a conversation that remains within the boundaries of what’s acceptable to our readers and relevant to the subject in hand.

With this in mind, we thought it would be useful if we explained how the moderation process works, who is responsible for it and what to do if you disagree with a moderation decision.


The blog is written and moderated by the global PR and outreach team at Sony Mobile – it is managed by Blog Manager, Anthony.


We operate a really simple 5 point process for moderation:

  • Keep it legal – we will delete any comments that puts you in a potentially defamatory or us in a potentially libellous position, or that risks doing so in any country.
  • Keep it clean – We will remove any post that contains unnecessary swearing, any sexual or racist language, or anything that we feel victimises or persecutes other people.
  • Keep it relevant – Each post is about a specific subject, please keep comments on-topic. Creative detours are all very well, but if you want to talk about something else, please find a relevant post to leave your comment on.
  • Keep it reasonable – we will remove anything that looks like persistent trolling
  • Keep it respectful and impersonal, – healthy, passionate debate is one thing. But we will remove your comment if it is looks like you’re harassing an individual. We’re not saying you can’t disagree with something someone has said but please don’t turn disagreements into personal attacks.

We try to operate in a light-touch style so other than that, you’re free to chat away. We want debate, we want your opinions, we just need to make sure that in doing so, we’re not creating content that becomes irrelevant, can offend (or worse).

Whilst we do read *every* blog comment, we can’t guarantee consistent responses (we’re only human…). You can visit our support forum at, where both Sony reps and other Xperia users are on hand, actively discussing issues, questions and concerns.

It’s worth noting, when you post a comment, it will remain visible indefinitely; we take both data capture and security breaches seriously – and protect customer data in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Any breaches of customer data and/or confidential Sony content within the blogs platform will be investigated and treated as a legal matter.

These guidelines apply to comments and user postings on all posts on