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London, United Kingdom – Sony Mobile Communications (“Sony Mobile”) today announces a new collaboration with five filmmakers, who have each used Sony’s Xperia Z5 smartphone, to capture a series of short 4K films across Europe.

To demonstrate its premium and acclaimed camera features, Sony Mobile tasked a community of videographers to tell the stories of five cities through Xperia Z5. The directors were specifically encouraged to highlight the ‘fleeting moments’ and hidden gems of London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and Milan.

The resulting films each showcase the cities through the directors’ eyes, whilst telling a story about their unique landscapes and cultures in vibrant, crystal-clear quality.


The stories told are not stereotypical portrayals of the cities, but instead authentic interpretations from the residents that know them best. From exhibiting real people having real experiences, to communicating themes of love, brotherhood, freedom and creativity, the films each offer a distinctive take on some of the world’s most iconic cities.

London based director Lee Cheney commented: “Using Xperia Z5 and its unique camera capability gave me the opportunity to show an audience the beauty of a city like London, without any limitations. Its technology provides so many interesting opportunities for me as a filmmaker, and it’s impressive that a smartphone can be used to capture quality footage in 4K that is usually required by professional film equipment.

 “Through my content, I wanted to explore everything that I’ve been missing out on in London. I wanted to visit places I’ve never been to before and see things that pass me by everyday in a city I’ve lived in all my life. Whilst London is visually interesting and striking, it’s the people and culture that make it so special, and that’s what I’ve really tried to illustrate in the film.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 09.20.24Barcelona based director Lucas Jatoba commented: “Barcelona is such an energetic and vibrant city and there’s always something going on, so I wanted to portray the fast paced characteristics of what I believe is the most impressive place in the world.

 “Xperia Z5 represents a powerful tool for me as a filmmaker.”

Jun Makino, Senior Manager, Product Experience Marketing
at Sony Mobile commented: “We’re really pleased with the stories that each director has produced. All of the videos provide a different feel and take on a group of cities that are familiar to many of us. Not only that, but their work demonstrates that Xperia Z5 can offer both experienced and budding creatives alike the power to create  stunning images and films in the palm of their hands.”

All of the short films, which were captured in 4K using Xperia Z5, can be viewed via Sony Mobile’s official YouTube channel:

Xperia Z5 features Sony’s brand new large 1/2.3 Exmor RS™ for mobile 23MP sensor and F2.0 G Lens – it’s Sony’s first completely re-imagined smartphone camera module since Xperia Z1, designed with Sony’s interchangeable lens camera αTM technology for clear, vivid imagery every time.

The camera is capable of super-fast autofocus, a powerful blend of speed and accuracy to capture split-second moments with ease. It delivers a ground-breaking speed of just 0.03i seconds, built for capturing fleeting moments and spontaneity.

The new smartphone also boasts Sony’s iconic design language and popular up to two-days’i[i] battery life feature. So you can listen to more music, talk and stay out longer, all without worry.

Xperia Z5 from Sony is available now from Sony Mobile’s online store.



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Additional quotes from each of the directors are available, and can be substituted in the press release to best support your media:


Paris based director Eric Beaupre commented: “It’s been fantastic working with Sony Mobile on a creative film that has allowed me to showcase Paris from a completely different perspective. My idea was to focus on lesser known areas of Paris, where real Parisians live and the neighbourhoods are bursting with life, creativity and diversity.”


Berlin based director Oliver Valente commented: As a professional director, it’s important for me to have equipment that is capable of telling a story the way that I want it to be told. With Xperia Z5’s 4K capabilities, combined with the level intimacy and candidness that only a mobile device can provide, I was able to do exactly that. The subject of my film is the city of Berlin – a living collage of cultures, people, diversity and experiences that seem strangely familiar yet refreshingly new. I wanted to isolate and share those elements that make Berlin uniquely Berlin and play on the commonly heard phrase: ‘that’s so Berlin.’”


Milan based director Giacomo Arrigoni commented: My film tells the story of romance in Milan. I hoped to portray the visual journey of a couple, through the hallmarks of one of the most vibrant Italian cities. It was a great experience to use Xperia Z5 to shoot the video. The beauty of somewhere like Milan is sometimes lost on screen, but the camera technology is Xperia Z5 allowed me to showcase all of Milan’s stunning architecture and culture in full.”


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