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Taking selfies is a cultural phenomenon. Some spend hours each day perfecting the art and some have even carved out a career from the simple forward facing snap. Today we’re uncovering what’s next for selfies and if there’s more to them than just bagging a few likes and checking for any leftover lunch in your teeth.

Camera technology is taking great leaps and making it easier than ever to capture the perfect moment. Take our flagship handset, the Xperia XZ, which is equipped with a 13MP front-facing camera. One of the best selfie cameras available, it delivers quality images time after time. With this quality the possibilities of the common selfie start to become seriously interesting.

To understand what these possibilities might look like we’ve teamed up with leading futurologist and member of the impressive-sounding World Academy of Art and Science, Dr Ian Pearson. The result? The Future of Selfies report, a look into various sectors likely to incorporate smartphone photography and selfies as a technological function in the future.

Dr Pearson used his expertise to identify the ways he believes selfies could evolve over the next five years. His predictions (backed-up with a study of 6,500 people from across Europe) include:

MEDICAL – Forget watching the clock in a stuffy waiting room, over a quarter of us would prefer to see our doctor via a selfie

BANKING – Nearly half of 25-34 year olds would feel more secure accessing their bank through a “selfie password”. Check out our previous Inside Innovators post with Atom Bank to see how they’re already adopting this

LEISURE – Around half of thrill seekers would like to try a “selfiecoaster” – a rollercoaster that puts you in control of capturing your experience whilst on the ride

RETAIL – By using your smartphone camera to try on different outfits suited to your body shape, at the touch of a button, trips to the changing room could become a thing of the past

ROBOTICS – Thrill seekers could use smartphones to control drones or robots to take selfies in extreme locations

For full research statistics and results please download The Future Of Selfies press release via the link at the top of this page.