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JULY 2016 – Sony Mobile Communications (“Sony Mobile”) has launched a partnership with Port Lympne Reserve (Kent, UK) and Parque de Cabárceno (Cantabria, Spain) conservation parks to showcase the camera functions of its new Xperia X smartphone.

Sony Mobile tasked the parks’ rangers to capture photography of some of their incredible wildlife in motion. With unique relationships with the animals, they get to see many entertaining, funny and even emotional moments that are often missed by the general public, so they are in the perfect position to catch stunning images using Xperia X’s 23MP camera.

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Before taking photos, the rangers were given a masterclass by renowned Wildlife Photographer Neil Aldridge (European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014), who shared photography tips from his experience working with animals in the wild. Neil also ran through the features of Xperia X that would allow them to capture animals at their most interesting.

Enabled by Sony’s unique Predictive Hybrid Autofocus, the rangers were able to keep the animals in focus when moving, to achieve sharp images, even as the black-capped capuchin monkeys swung from branch-to-branch and the bears marched through their huge 35-hectare enclosure. It lets you select an object (or animal!) in motion and cleverly predicts its next movement so your images stay sharp and reduces blur.

Funny expressions and quirky behavior or even the odd stampede by the animals were able to be caught on camera even when the rangers weren’t expecting it, the Xperia X’s Quick Launch and Capture feature, allowed them to whip the phones out of their pockets and go from standby to taking a photo in a fraction of a second with just one shift action.

Francesca Conti, primate keeper at Port Lympne Reserve, said: “It was an amazing experience to have a masterclass by Neil. As I work closely with the primates in the park, you can imagine I see some really interesting moments, that I will never miss capturing again!”Monkey 1

Supported by the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA), Port Lympne Reserve and Parque de Cabárceno conservation parks both work heavily on the conservation of endangered species.

Spreading across an impressively spacious 1,900 acres in Cantabria, Spain, Parque de Cabárceno is a naturalised space reclaimed from a former open pit mine and is home to over a hundred animal species from five continents. One of its most endearing inhabitants is Cristina, an abandoned elephant who has been “mothered” by Cabárceno’s Chief Vet Santiago Borragan Santos. Photography caught using Xperia X shows Cristina as she playfully catches apples being fed to her.

Based in Kent, England, Port Lympne Reserve houses many rare and endangered animals, with over 50 species and 700 animals living on the land. It also has the largest breeding herd of black rhinoceros in the UK. Among the large variety of animals is Ambam, a silverback gorilla who has more than 1.5million views on YouTube. Ambam gave the Port Lympne Reserve rangers a chance to put Xperia X to the test, as he is famous for stunning onlookers by standing upright and walking like a human on two feet.

The animal keepers at both parks will be using Xperia X smartphones throughout summer 2016 to continue capturing unmissable moments of the wildlife.

Gorilla 1 - CopySantiago Borragan Santos, spokesperson for Parque de Cabárceno, said: “Our main focus at Parque de Cabárceno is ensuring our animals live in a spacious environment that offers semi-free living conditions. Our park rangers and keepers know each animal’s individual quirks and personalities, so it’s a fantastic opportunity to allow them to show the rest of the world special moments that are usually just reserved for them.”


Diana Hernandez Gonzalez, Product Experience Manager at Sony Mobile said: “One of the main features of Xperia X’s new camera is the new Predictive Hybrid Autofocus, which makes it easier than ever to capture movement – and the most unpredictable moments come out in the sharpest detail. What better way to put the camera to the test than work with the most unpredictable and spontaneous things that we love to photograph – animals!”

The Xperia X embodies Sony Mobile’s new brand vision through adding new layers of intelligent technology across popular and acclaimed Xperia features: camera, battery and design, to make every day smarter and simpler.

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Port Lympne Reserve, near Ashford in Kent is one of the largest wild animal parks in the UK. Set over 600 acres, the reserve is home to Kent’s authentic safari experience. Visitors can jump on board a safari truck and journey to the Asian and African Experiences, over 100 acres of Kent savannah – alive with Asian and African animals, with spectacular views over the Kent countryside and coast.
Famous for its wide open spaces and natural beauty, the reserve is a breeding sanctuary for some of the world’s most endangered animals and takes great pride in the large natural enclosures providing shelter and privacy.
Port Lympne also offers a variety of short break accommodations, including luxury seasonal glamping, camping pods, a boutique hotel, cosy cottage and luxury treehouses with a contemporary vibe.

Working with the conservation charity – The Aspinall Foundation, Port Lympne has conservation at its heart.  Visitor monies help fund the reserve’s vital work with endangered species across four continents.


For more information, please visit: http://www.parquedecabarc

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