Folding@Home 2.0: new version of the Sony app that lets you fight Breast Cancer and Alzheimer’s while you sleep

Folding@Home, the app that lets you support research into cures for some of the world’s most prevalent diseases, has just undergone a serious upgrade. Protein folding research requires an incredible amount of processing power to simulate the complex movements of proteins as they change shape. Every time someone uses the Folding@Home app, they contribute some …

Our pick of the best Android camera apps

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love making the most of your Xperia™ camera with the addition of filters, effects and other creative ways to get a perfect finish to your pictures. We’ve be trailing and testing some of the best Android apps around for budding smartphone photographers to bring you our selection of camera apps for your …

Xperia Friday Digest

Hi there folks, we have that Friday feeling again here at Sony Mobile, and while Ant is enjoying his holidays, it falls to me to bring you another roundup of the latest and greatest Android Apps for you Xperia SmartPhone. So without further fuss – lets get into it: